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The Satellite Geodesy and Geodynamics Systems Group is a research and development group for a broad range of Earth science applications. Current areas of special emphasis include the improvement and use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) with attention to measuring the tectonic motion of Southern California, and the use of precision geoid measurements from the upcoming GRACE Mission to understand the large scale movement of mass around the world, including the global water cycle. Other group efforts are optimal combination of GPS and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), ocean radar altimetry (TOPEX/Poseidon and JASON missions), and characterization of GPS timing errors. All these topics involve algorithm and analysis technique improvement (filtering theory, mathematical model improvement, and computational methods), in addition to a considerable interpretive science component. The personnel in the group come from a variety of backgrounds in engineering, physics, and geophysics.


SCIGN Overview

Learn more about the Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN)

SCIGN Education

On-line, interactive education module using SCIGN data. Topics include plate tectonics, earthquakes, GPS, and space technology at work. Currently under curriculum review to align the module to California state education standards.

SCIGN Analysis

Engineering and technical information about the network, including station status

Northridge Earthquake Research

Results from current research using SCIGN data relating to the Northridge earthquake

Long Valley Caldera Research

Using GPS to study volcanoes and actively deforming volcanic regions


GPS in Antartica

Using GPS to study isostatic rebound and tectonic deformation in Antarctica

GPS Time Series

Listing of all the results from GPS data processed at JPL

International GPS Service for Geodynamics

GPS station information for sites around the world

FLINN Analysis

The homepage for FLINN Precise Orbit Determination